The Forget Me Knots
The consequences aren't pretty. When I forget my meds, I have very little patience and my mood sours quickly. Cookies dunked in coffee is my favorite breakfast. Not a substantial breakfast for morning "happy pills". The cookie jar now holds pill bottles. It's a tolerable solution.
Anger Unmasked: A Portrait
Anger's my friend. Oh, she's not a very good one, but she's loyal. We have been friends for a really long time now.
The best thing about Anger, she will tell me when I have betrayed myself. Yet, somehow, at the same time, that is when she is at her worst.
Happily Ever After
"Now the Big Bad Wold, seeing all that remained, Curled up for a nap because that last one he ate, hit him like tryptophan.
Do not think this fairy tale's a disaster.
It's just, in this story, the Big Bad Wolf lives happily ever after."
Play in Color
How old is your inner child? Mine is 8. Her world is full of color. She loves ponies, splashing in puddles and playing leap frog.
What does yours like?
The Main Blueprint
The majority of the time, I spent my energy trying not to learn the habits of my parents. But, I never really knew how much I did pick up until I stopped and took a look. Dad was a designer for Heywood-Wakefied during the '60's. The left side of the blueprint is the design for an 18th Century English Carved and Gilted Mirror. I painted the right.
Staying Connected
For some, more than you would think, staying connected refers to a battle within oneself. Be it through affirmations, medication, or combinations of both, people have to do what is necessary to avoid losing themselves. Every day, take your meds with a cup of coffee. It will counter the sleepy side effects. Grab your keys and name tag. Seize the day.
What makes the world go around? Love...
Sing Sneak Nightengale
"Lucifie you mean old thing!!"
Cinderella did toss you outside for bein' mean!
Missing Pieces
This was inspred by a conversation between myself and a second grade student. It went something like this:

Student:" What are we doing today?"
Me:"Play puzzle."
Student: *big sigh* "I already did a puzzle with a kindergartner on the bus and she had extra pieces."
Me: "Well, I won't have extra pieces. In fact, mine will probably be missing pieces."
Student: "Of course it will be missing pieces, because you're Miss Missy."
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Sing Sneak Nightengale

"Lucifie you mean old thing!!" Cinderella did toss you outside for bein' mean!